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“If you want to know how to write paper assignments, this is the website for you essaythinker.”

The internet advert stated. I felt like they were reading my mind when they posted the advert together with the link that would direct me to the website being advertised. I was extremely fatigued with the academic work that we were facing in campus. The lecturers felt no mercy for us as they continuously bombarded us with academic assignments. I wondered what I was going to do so that I could be able to control the academic situation around me. I felt like my world was spinning out of control, and I needed to come back to reality before I collapsed.

Some of the other students were in the same boat as me. They couldn’t wait for the holidays so that they could escape from the academic world for a few hours. Taking an academic break was what most of the students talked about. We had no choice though, but to hang in there and to deal with the assignments appropriately until the semester was over. Some of the students took to taking liquor and other substances to help them cope with the stress from academic work. When we weren’t having our classes, we were busy working on our academic assignments. When we were through with the assignments, we were studying for our examinations.

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The Academic Change

It was hard to take care of any other non-academic matters in our lives. This made us resentful and exhausted from all the academic work. It was an academic blessing to run into the academic website advert that I saw. I truly needed to know how to write paper assignments within a short period of time. At the same time, I needed my work to be accurately written. The website had no problem doing this because they wrote all our academic papers from scratch.

They also offered free revision services for the assignments that we felt weren’t written properly by their professional writers. When the writers didn’t understand some of our instructions, they took their time to ask us to explain them. This was so that they could write our papers, as if they were written by our own hands. The website also provided editing and proofreading services to its clients at a discount rate. With the academic website, everything was truly a bargain and I was glad that I was part of its membership.

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